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White House: there is no evidence that aliens exist

Administration response to website petition denies knowledge of life outside Earth is being hidden from public Tuesday 8 November 2011 04.30 EST The White House has said it has no evidence of the existence of extraterrestrial life. Photograph: Hyungwon Kang/Reuters … Continue reading

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Obama's birth certificate…straight from the whitehouse

SEE, THIS IS WHY YOU NEED TO DO YOUR HOMEWORK! Barry is not from the US, and probably not even from Africa. I think that is a second layer cover story as well. Maybe one day i will get into … Continue reading

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Moon to have no-fly zones by month end

R. PRASAD AFPTHE PURPOSE: NASA’s “recommendations” of no-fly zones are for preserving and protecting Apollo missions’ historical sites and artefacts. No-fly zones will come into effect on the moon for the very first time by the end of this month! … Continue reading

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Russian Warning Issued Over “Controlled” Comet Headed Towards Earth

Posted by EU Times on Mar 1st, 2011 // 39 Comments // // A chilling report prepared for President Medvedev by Minister Serdyukov of the Russian Defense Ministry on the building of an additional 5,000 underground ‘bomb’ shelters in Moscow … Continue reading

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Moon Landing a Hoax?

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Harold Camping: Dead Bodies Will Surface from Graves on Oct. 21 Doomsday

By Elena Garcia | Christian Post Reporter While President Obama and the rest of the nation spent Memorial Day paying tribute to American veterans, doomsday preacher Harold Camping predicted Monday that corpses of the “unsaved,” which includes those in the … Continue reading

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Criminal complaint charges Obama birth record 'forged'

This is the first of three articles on the criminal complaint that scanner-expert Doug Vogt filed last week with the FBI. An international expert on scanners and document-imaging software filed a 22-page criminal complaint with the FBI, charging that the … Continue reading

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