Explosion: What happened in Esteban Echeverría?


Investigate the causes.  The neighbors say they saw something that “fell from the sky.” Experts do not rule it out.  

Monday September 26, 2011 | 8:17


The first reports claimed that an explosion in  a house had caused landslides and damage to some vehicles . Just hours later versions of the neighbors began to take hold and added concerns about the possible causes of the tragedy that claimed one life and left nine wounded in Esteban Echeverría. Meanwhile, the police removed a bottle of the house and an industrial oven to make expertise.

“A ball of fire fell from heaven” , asked a neighbor. “We saw a lot of fire,” added another, seconds later. “The explosion was very important, broke the windows and ceilings, everything was taken “ , he told a young TN .

The blast wave destroyed homes, and the explosion was felt in Temperley andEzeiza . The incident occurred this morning, around 2 am, in a house near the corner of the Andes and Luis Vernet, April 9th ward in the south suburbs. In place for several hours, Firefighters worked to rescue people trapped in the rubble.

The neighbors suspect that it would be  a satellite or other unidentified object “fell from the sky.” Although these versions were not confirmed, Adrian Brunini, the dean of the School of Astronomy of the Universidad Nacional de La Plata , not the rule.“It’s possible,” he said.

“If it was a meteorite should leave a crater and would likely be something in place, you can also falling space junk (not controlled), no one knows where . Scrap, depending on the size you have, could leave some “specified Brunini, on the radio. In turn, explained that” this has happened in other places. “” In Argentina  it would be the first time “ , she said.

Hector Mendez, professor of Natural Sciences Museum Monte Grande , agreed with Brunini and considered: “There is a possibility that has fallen a mini kite, as if a meteor or a satellite would have a hole in the ground. ” 

The commander of the fire crews working on site, Guillermo Pérez, said that “no one knows what caused the explosion,” but said work to find out.

Some police sources claimed that the skills would have ruled out the version of the explosion as in the home where the debris originated had no gas supply .Nicholas, the owner of one of the houses destroyed, said: “The  bottles are intact , there was short, the explosion was from outside to inside and back and forth. ”

For now, the party of Esteban Echeverría all is mystery and doubt.


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