“Brokenness is when you see yourself for who you really are and you are just devastated, shocked, and even utterly humiliated at what you see in w ho you really are knowing that the only thing that can save you from yourself is “..in the Blood of Jesus, the Christ. How can we boast in anything but the genuine strength of the grace of God in Christ when we have light on our true heart condition? How can we have a heart for someone who is broken unless we are broken ourselves? How can we claim to walk in such ‘Christian light’, yet refuse to have light on who we are apart from the true grace and glory of God? When we don’t have ‘light’ on our true condition, we are not walking in the ‘light’ of God’s Word and presence, but rather the justified depths of darkness manifested in self-righteous pride and rebellion; even treasuring a ‘pharisaic heart’ having an outward religious appearance assuming that we are more spiritual than others. I’ve met brothers who are not “titled” as leaders in the ‘church’ that have just as much as a ‘pharisaic heart’ as those ‘church leaders’ who have that kind of ‘pharisaic heart’. It’s not whether one is a church leader or not that determines if a ‘pharisaic heart’ dwells in them, but whether or not if they ascend above others and above the true grace of God that enables them to even know and be effective for the Kingdom of God and His true glory.” -SP/AJC
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  1. Bonny Noth says:

    By the way, the Washington, D.C., newspaper The Hill reported this weekend that labor unions and leftwing organizations will spend between $10 million and $20 million this month to twist lawmakers arms over the stalled healthcare reform effort in Congress and the Employee Free Choice Act. So, ACORN, Big Labor and other groups can organize and protest in support of the liberal agenda, but how dare anyone speak up against it!

  2. Tambra Doyal says:

    extravagant listing you’ve corner

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