The Navy Map, Global Warming, and what's coming…

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4 Responses to The Navy Map, Global Warming, and what's coming…

  1. Well, first off I have to say that I don’t disbelieve this idea that the seas may hold some dread for humanity in the near future. The problem that I have with this idea is that it is allegedly being prepared for by the governments of the world as if it is fact and not just a mere possibility. If this or any government has evidence that this crisis is fact, how did they come to these conclusions, where is the science, or, where is this machine that allows them to see the future. Severe judgement awaits this country, when that time comes, due to it’s rampant, willful, and unrelenting sinfullness and arrogance in the face of Almighty YHWH.
    I don’t know why, but for some reason, I feel like this may be disinformation or misdirection, not on the part of the speaker, but on the part of those who are imforming the speaker. I’m not certain at this point, but i believe i do know why they are being told to move to the area of the Ozark mountains. It is because there is an emmense underground base near there that will shelter several thousand people. Now if they are building underground shelters all over the world that will house 1000s of people, why would it be for coastal and “some” inland flooding and a few storms. I think there is more afoot here. There’s more to it than just weather anomolies, if this has truth to it at all.

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