Are Torrents Legal?

Thanks Anthony, for bringing up this subject.  It’s something that I’ve thought about often.

When you listen to music on the radio, do you pay for it? When you watch a show on free to air television do you pay for it? Does facebook take your information and sell it to the highest bidder without your permission? no, no, yes.
Why is… it that a radio station can buy music and share it with anyone they choose, but if you do it, it’s a crime? If I buy a CD, it’s mine. If I want to share my property with someone for free, that’s my prerogative. See there’s the little issue of property rights. When you buy the CD, it’s your property. You just can’t resell it. They cannot stop you from giving it away, it’s yours. If not, they would only rent CD’s or only let you listen to them on the radio or some other temporary medium.
How is it, when you get tired of an album, you can take it to a pawn shop and resell it, or sell or give it to a friend or on ebay? Copyrights are supposed to be for making it a crime to profit from someone else’s work, but freely sharing with others… that’s one of life’s treasures.
This could possibly be argued for a long time, but it’s simple. Just like words and phrases. People can try to copyright them, but try stopping someone from saying them if they want. It’s impossible. Music is only an arrangement of words and phrases and musical notes.
Short answer: any shares or torrents are legal if they’re shared for free.

Any thoughts?

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    abundant almanac you’ve take in

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