Thoughts on Salvation.

by Reggy Adam Hébert on Monday, January 10, 2011 at 9:59pm

Do you want all of Jesus? Does he have all of you? Can we say that if he doesn’t have all of us that we can have a complete guarantee of eternal life? He doesn’t want us to clean up our acts…or fix ourselves. He doesn’t want us to be religious. He wants us to give him our lives! He wants our whole hearts! Have we done this? Can we indeed say that we despise our own lives here on earth for the sake of Christ? If you want to give only part of yourself to Christ, can we say that he would save only a part of you while the other portion of your soul is condemned? He can only save what you will surrender to him. And he is a jealous God. He will not share the throne with any other god. Nor can we drink from the cup of demons and the cup of the Most High, to provoke the Spirit of God to jealousy. It’s a difficult path and a narrow gate. He is the shepherd that leads us down that path and he is that gate that leads to life. He is the life. He is the path. He is the Truth. The only assurance we can have that we are children of God is that we have completely surrendered our hearts and lives to him. Anything else is a false hope. There is no such thing as partial surrender – that’s called mutiny. Full surrender, that’s spiritual revolution! The overthrow of one’s self as governor of one’s soul and replacing self with Christ on the throne; that’s saving faith.

If you are still in control of your own life, then Jesus is not your LORD. How can you rule something that you’ve given away? A sheep does not lead himself, he will certainly die. He must have a shepherd. So then, does the sheep tell the shepherd where he will go and what he will do? Is a student greater than his master? Can the created teach the Creator of his own destiny? Of course not. If Jesus is your Lord, then he commands your life, your thoughts, your purpose; he’s the captain of your soul. All else is sinking sand.

Cast yourself on Christ today. Repent – change your way of thinking from self focus to Christ, who is the one who has the power to save your soul, or destroy both body and soul in hell. He is our salvation, not to the faint of heart; but to the surrendered heart. He is our only hope.

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