Rethinking Romans 13

Rethinking Romans 13.

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3 Responses to Rethinking Romans 13

  1. Jed Matsuoka says:

    Dont really know, just that its there. It is irrelavant as to what it looks like. What matters, is that there is only one thing that you can fill it with. So you, if you feel that way, can try to fill it with money, cars, houses, women, drugs, booze, anything your heart desires, but you wont fill it, youll forever be in search of something more, not knowing what it is, until you find Jesus to fill that hole in your heart, that is shaped like Him. So what that shape is, doesnt matter, just that its filled, or one will be forever searching for a fulfillment that wont come.

  2. terrible chart you chalk up

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