Who do we think we are??

Since the beginning of time, there have been billions and billions of people live and die. More than likely, you and I will be one of those people. I can with some surety guarantee it. In light of this, do you know your great great or even great grandparents? Who they were and what they stood for? Most of us don’t. We don’t even know what they looked like or even what their names were. They are forgotten, like yesterday’s wind just as you will be forgotten by your descendants and friends when you are gone. If everything that you do/think/are will be forgotten inside of 50 years or so by everyone you now know and love, why do we worry so much about our lives or who we are or what we do in this life (materially speaking)? Why do we worry about houses, cars, land, jewelry, college, food and clothes. The scripture tells us to give no thought to what we will eat, drink and wear, much less any of this other stuff.

Mostly we worry about what others think of us and this is what drives our lives and rules over us like a hateful slavemaster.

Realize that you and I are like blades of grass or a leaf on a tree, who during it’s time lives and serves a purpose then dies and falls to the ground. It is then swept up and burned. Notice that some leaves fall off the tree during what should be the prime of their life.

In our arrogance we worry, stress and struggle over our life, thinking that our life is the exception and somehow better or more significant than others. We deceive ourselves. When our time is come we will surely fall to the ground and die. It is guaranteed.

The only One who will remember us for an eternity is The Heavenly Father Yah. What is it about your life that He will remember? Will it be your houses, cars, land, jewelry, education, clothes etc.? Or, will it be how you lived your life with what you have been given? How much you shared what you were given? How you treated others, etc? Did you only concern yourself with the things that benefited you and made you comfortable?

There are many scriptures to describe how much peril the rich person is in when he regards his wealth and his stable future or financial status. Howbeit, there are no scriptures of the same nature to describe poor people. I wonder why?

If you are building a “nest-egg” or saving for your “retirement” or worrying about your stocks and bonds, then you should probably be afraid. Do we think that we are given gain to do with as we please? How much is enough? Where does it stop? Where in scripture does it say that you have permission to retire or store up your wealth??

What can we bring with us to present to the Father as evidence of our lives here in this world? Is it our success? Only our righteousness (which isn’t even our own), holiness and faith are acceptable (none of which are our own).

Nothing in this world really matters, but to bring glory to Yah the Father and He is worthy. All else will be burned away and forgotten or attributed to wickedness and folly.

Are we in love with Yah the Father, or just what He can do for us?? We go to church packing our bag full of things we need (healing/finances/despair, etc) and forget that the reason for the “worship service” is to WORSHIP the Father YAH! How much time do we spend blessing YAH or blessing others or seeking YAH for who He is and not what He can do for us???

When people gather at church it seems as though they are mostly there to “get something out of it”. WHY? It’s supposed to be about WORSHIP! Worship is about putting aside our woes and wants and exalting the Father YAH for who He is.

Contrary to the world’s and most church’s point of view, our life is not about us.

…to be continued…

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