What would it be like?

Today, while pondering on how I should love my Savior and King, I recalled watching that movie “300”.  That very “R” rated movie brought more to the table than just one long continuous fight scene.  As fake and fantasy as it may be, we see many shows and movies that bring more insight and truth to the table than many of the christian movies i have seen.  Movies where knights and others consider it an honour to do the will of their king and even more of an honour to die for their king and they love their king to this end.  You know the line “It is an honour to die at your side” to which the king responds, “It is an honour to have lived at yours”.

Will this be the type of conversation we will be having with our King or will we hang our heads in shame, because we always ran from adversity, gave in to fear and trial, fainted at the mere thought of tribulation, hoping and praying to be spared any minute suffering.

Are we at a place with our King that we would consider it an honour to die for Him or by His side (so to speak).  Die to self/live for your King/be a living sacrifice for your King.  I think that most people, including myself at times are fine and dandy as long as the road doesn’t get rough.  But, as soon as it does we begin to whine and cry to the King to take us out of this bad situation.  Maybe, we should be saying…I would consider it an honour to suffer and/or die for you my King!

These men did not flinch at the call of their king, should we at the call of our King?  They did not argue or hesitate, they just went.

What is honour?  It is integrity, respect, worth, the privilege of being associated with or receiving a favour from a respected person, dignity, fame, glory, distinction, respect and of course to worship…..  There are several others, but you should get the point by now.  Why would a command of our Father Yah be to honour our fathers and mothers?  Honour and Love share many similarities.  Since we love our Father Yah, who is in heaven, should we not also honour him?  Is it not one and the same?

Those who study scripture know that the love that we share with our Father in heaven is not the kind of love that is generally associated with this word (ie, mushy, kissing, sex, etc).  It is more related to honour.  If we love our Father in Heaven we will honour Him.  In turn He will honour us.

I know this is short, but it was just something that popped into my head while driving today.

I hope this blesses you.  Moreso, i hope that you will bless and honour your Father in heaven and your earthly father.

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3 Responses to What would it be like?

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